As you explore the world of hearing aids, it’s essential to find a solution that fits you like a tailored suit, enhancing your daily experiences without unnecessary adjustments.

The Oticon Opn Series offers a range of customization options that allow you to fine-tune your hearing experience to match your unique needs and preferences.

Whether it’s adjusting sound settings to suit different environments, tailoring the device to your specific lifestyle and hearing requirements, or managing background noise with precision, the customization options with Oticon Opn Series are designed to provide a personalized and seamless listening experience.

But what exactly are these options, and how can they transform your hearing experience?

Sound Settings Customization

You can easily customize the sound settings on your Oticon Opn hearing aid to suit your specific hearing needs and preferences. By accessing the Oticon ON app on your smartphone, you have the power to adjust the volume, treble, and bass levels with just a few taps.

Whether you’re in a noisy restaurant, a quiet library, or a bustling office, you can fine-tune the hearing aid’s settings to optimize your listening experience in any environment. The app also allows you to create custom programs for specific situations, such as a favorite restaurant or a regular social gathering, so you can effortlessly switch between settings with ease.

Moreover, the Sound Booster feature provides an extra boost when you need it most, ensuring that you catch every important sound, from a whispered conversation to a distant doorbell. This level of customization empowers you to take control of your hearing experience, so you never miss a moment.

With the Oticon Opn, you can tailor the sound settings to precisely match your unique hearing preferences, allowing you to enjoy crystal-clear sound in any situation.

Personalized Fitting Options

When customizing the fitting of your Oticon Opn hearing aid, consider the various personalized options available to optimize your hearing experience. Here are some personalized fitting options to enhance your hearing aid experience:

  • Ear Canal Microphone: This option allows for a more natural sound experience by picking up sound directly from the ear canal, providing improved spatial awareness and sound localization.

  • Feedback Management: With advanced feedback management systems, you can enjoy clear, feedback-free sound without compromising on amplification.

  • Tinnitus SoundSupport: If you experience tinnitus, this feature can be personalized to deliver relief sounds that match your unique tinnitus pitch and intensity.

  • Speech Rescue LX: This option enhances your ability to understand high-frequency sounds, making it easier to follow conversations in noisy environments.

  • OpenSound Navigator: This feature provides personalized noise reduction and speech enhancement to help you focus on the sounds you want to hear while minimizing distracting background noise.

These personalized fitting options can be tailored to your specific hearing needs, allowing you to enjoy a customized and optimized hearing experience with your Oticon Opn hearing aids.

Background Noise Management

To effectively manage background noise with your Oticon Opn hearing aids, consider utilizing the OpenSound Navigator feature for personalized noise reduction and speech enhancement. This advanced technology works by scanning your environment more than 100 times per second to analyze and balance sounds, making it easier for you to focus on conversations and important sounds while reducing distracting background noise. With the OpenSound Navigator, you can enjoy a more natural listening experience even in challenging listening situations like crowded restaurants or bustling city streets.

In addition to the OpenSound Navigator, the Oticon Opn hearing aids offer various customizable settings to further tailor your listening experience. You can adjust the noise reduction level according to your preferences and needs, ensuring that you have the optimal balance between speech clarity and background noise suppression. This level of customization allows you to adapt your hearing aids to different environments, whether you’re at a social gathering, in a quiet office, or enjoying the tranquility of nature.

Sound Frequency Adjustment

After optimizing your background noise management with the OpenSound Navigator feature, the next step is to focus on the sound frequency adjustment for a more personalized listening experience with your Oticon Opn hearing aids.

  • Speech Understanding: Tailoring the sound frequency to enhance speech clarity in various environments.

  • Music Enjoyment: Customizing the frequency response to fully appreciate the richness and depth of music.

  • Comfort in Noise: Adjusting the sound frequency to minimize discomfort and distortion in noisy settings.

  • Tinnitus Relief: Fine-tuning the frequencies to provide relief from tinnitus symptoms.

  • Personalized Settings: Creating unique sound profiles based on your specific hearing needs and preferences.

Lifestyle and Hearing Requirements

Considering your lifestyle and specific hearing needs, Oticon Opn hearing aids provide a range of customization options to ensure an optimal listening experience tailored to your individual requirements.

Whether you lead an active lifestyle, frequently engage in social activities, or work in a demanding professional environment, the Opn series offers features that adapt to your daily routines and hearing preferences.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, the Speech Guard LX technology helps maintain speech understanding in challenging environments, allowing you to fully participate in conversations without missing crucial details.

For social gatherings or busy work settings, the OpenSound Navigator feature helps you focus on the voices you want to hear while reducing background noise, making interactions more enjoyable and effortless.

Additionally, the Opn hearing aids can be personalized to address specific hearing challenges, such as tinnitus, through the use of sound therapy options.


With Oticon Opn series, you have the power to craft your own hearing experience. From personalized fitting options to background noise management, you can tailor your hearing aid to meet your specific needs and lifestyle.

With the ability to adjust sound settings and frequencies, you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your hearing aid.

Take control of your hearing and experience the difference with Oticon Opn series.