You’ve probably experienced the frustration of reaching the limits of your hearing aid’s capabilities in challenging listening environments.

However, the Oticon Xceed series is designed to exceed those limits and unveil a new level of power and performance.

The technology behind the Xceed series is not just about amplification, but about advanced sound processing that delivers maximum clarity and seamless adaptation to various sound environments.

But there’s more to it than just that.

The Xceed series also offers personalized and intuitive controls, as well as a range of connectivity and compatibility options that will leave you wondering how you ever managed without them.

Advanced Sound Processing Technology

Experience the cutting-edge Advanced Sound Processing Technology of the Oticon Xceed Series, designed to provide you with unparalleled clarity and precision in sound. This groundbreaking technology empowers you to effortlessly hear and understand speech in even the most challenging listening environments.

The Xceed’s OpenSound Navigator effectively scans your surroundings 100 times per second, identifying and balancing speech and noise to provide a natural listening experience. With this technology, you can seamlessly shift your focus between conversations, allowing you to engage more fully in social interactions.

Furthermore, the Xceed Series features a powerful feedback management system that ensures you experience clear, feedback-free sound without compromising on amplification. This means you can enjoy a full range of sounds without the annoyance of whistling or squealing.

The Advanced Sound Processing Technology also adapts to your individual preferences and listening needs, delivering a personalized experience tailored to you.

Maximum Power and Clarity

For maximum power and clarity in your hearing experience, the Oticon Xceed Series offers advanced features designed to enhance your ability to hear and understand speech in various environments. The Xceed Series is equipped with groundbreaking technologies that prioritize speech clarity and provide maximum power, ensuring that you catch every word, even in challenging listening situations.

  • 360-Degree Sound Access: The Xceed Series utilizes technology that allows you to access sound from all directions, providing a comprehensive listening experience.

  • Speech Guard E: This feature ensures that speech is clear and understandable, even in noisy environments, by dynamically balancing the level of speech and noise.

  • Ultra-Powerful Output: With 146 dB SPL and 87 dB full-on gain, the Xceed Series delivers the highest output available in the market, ensuring audibility for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss.

  • OpenSound Optimizer: This feature continuously adjusts the amplification to maintain clear sound without distortion, even in the most challenging listening situations.

  • Clear Dynamics: The Xceed Series offers a wide input dynamic range, preserving the clarity of speech and environmental sounds without distortion.

Seamless Adaptation to Sound Environments

In challenging listening environments, the Oticon Xceed Series seamlessly adapts to varying sound conditions, ensuring optimal hearing performance for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. This remarkable feature allows you to move effortlessly between different acoustic settings, whether you’re in a noisy restaurant, a bustling city street, or a quiet office space.

The Xceed’s ability to adapt to these changing sound environments means that you can stay engaged in conversations and fully experience the richness of sounds around you without missing important details.

The Xceed’s seamless adaptation is made possible by its advanced technology, which continuously analyzes the surrounding sounds and automatically adjusts to optimize speech understanding while minimizing background noise. This means that you can focus on what’s important without being overwhelmed by extraneous sounds.

Whether you’re attending a social event or having a one-on-one conversation, the Xceed ensures that you can hear with clarity and confidence in any situation. With its seamless adaptation to sound environments, the Oticon Xceed Series empowers you to fully participate in every aspect of life, regardless of the listening challenges you may encounter.

Personalized and Intuitive Controls

With personalized and intuitive controls, you can effortlessly customize your Oticon Xceed hearing aid to suit your specific preferences and needs. The Oticon Xceed Series empowers you with a range of personalized and intuitive controls that put you in charge of your hearing experience. Here’s how you can make the most of these features:

  • Remote Control: Adjust settings and personalize your hearing aid with a convenient remote control, giving you the flexibility to adapt to different environments on the go.

  • Smartphone Connectivity: Seamlessly connect your hearing aid to your smartphone for easy adjustments and discreet control, allowing you to fine-tune settings without drawing attention.

  • Sound Class Management: Benefit from automatic sound classification, which intelligently analyzes your environment and adjusts settings accordingly for a more personalized experience.

  • Customizable Programs: Tailor your hearing aid to specific listening situations, such as restaurants or concerts, by creating custom programs that can be easily activated as needed.

  • Intuitive App Interface: Utilize a user-friendly app interface to personalize and adjust settings, ensuring that your hearing aid is always optimized for your comfort and clarity.

The personalized and intuitive controls of the Oticon Xceed Series provide a seamless and tailored hearing experience, putting you in control of your auditory world.

Connectivity and Compatibility Options

Enhance your hearing experience with seamless connectivity and versatile compatibility options provided by the Oticon Xceed Series.

With built-in Bluetooth technology, the Xceed Series allows you to effortlessly connect to a wide range of devices, including smartphones, TVs, and music players. By wirelessly streaming audio directly to your hearing aids, you can enjoy clear, crisp sound without any additional accessories.

Furthermore, the Xceed Series offers compatibility with the Oticon ON App, empowering you to personalize your listening experience. Through the app, you can easily adjust volume, change programs, and even locate misplaced hearing aids using the ‘Find My Hearing Aids’ feature. This level of connectivity and control puts you in charge of your hearing needs, allowing for a truly tailored and convenient experience.

Additionally, the Xceed Series is compatible with a variety of accessories, such as the Oticon ConnectClip, which enables hands-free calls and audio streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, the Oticon Xceed Series provides seamless connectivity and versatile compatibility options to meet your everyday hearing demands.


You now have all the tools you need to experience the power and performance of the Oticon Xceed series.

With advanced sound processing technology, maximum power and clarity, seamless adaptation to sound environments, personalized controls, and connectivity options, you can enjoy a truly personalized and intuitive hearing experience.

Don’t let hearing limitations hold you back – unleash the full potential of the Oticon Xceed series and live life to the fullest.